John Deere 2305


The John Deere 2305 is one of JD’s most popular compact tractors. Production began in 2006, and as of 2010, it remains on the John Deere production line. The 2305 produces 24hp, powered by a 3-cylinder Yanmar engine (diesel). This tractor is highly recommended if used for smaller jobs where you don’t want to waste time using a shovel or doing too much manual labor.

You can mount a front loader with bucket to move dirt or gravel or whatever will fit in the bucket. You can also attach a backhoe to the John Deere 2305, making it very useful on small farms.

Many people enjoy using the JD 2305 as it comes with power steering to make driving it over rough terrain much easier than similarly sized models from other brands (which can be very difficult to control while navigating potholes and uneven surfaces).

Many small homeowners love to run the John Deere 2305, as it’s not a space-consuming or fuel-guzzling behemoth. The 2305 weighs just 1, 450 pounds (or 657 kg for Europeans) and has a wheelbase of just over 57 inches, making it easy to drive down small country roads.

It should be noted that if you plan to use the John Deere 2305 in cold or unforgiving climates, it unfortunately does not come with a standard cab, but rather a roll bar. Sure, you could try to build your own cab, but be very careful with this, as it may void your warranty. So please keep this in mind if you plan to purchase this model and you live in colder climates.

Some things you would expect to come standard with this model are a three-point hitch with a lift capacity of 681 lbs. (309 kg) and 18hp PTO power.

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