John Deere 5105M


The John Deere 5105m is the largest utractor tractor of the 5000 series of John Deere. All tractor assembly takes place at the JD plant located in Augusta, Georgia. Here there is also a variant of JD 5105m. This is the John Deere 5105ml that has a lower profile. To control the 5105M, it has a hydrostatic assisted direction, as well as wet disc brakes to avoid crashing. The cabin of this tractor has A/C quality that allows it to operate for long periods in extreme conditions without spending too much heat/cold.

The John Deere 5105M obtains all its power of a Powertech E4045 engine that has been designed and built at home by JD. This 4-cylinder turbocharged engine has a 4. 5-liter displacement and works with diesel. The engine liquid cooling system can contain up to 11. 4 liters of water. The pressurized lubrication system can contain up to 8. 3 liters of oil. The motor start is simple with a 12 volt battery that produces 925 cold starting amps. This battery is recharged by an alternator of 70 or 90 amps. As many of the 5000m models, you can choose between several transmissions: Syncreverser, Powreverser, Syncshuttle Plus or Powreverser Plus are the options for the gearbox.

Among the similar but less powerful models than the John Deere 5105m include the John Deere 5095M, John Deere 5085m and John Deere 5101E tractors. The wheelbase of the JD 5105m is 2. 17 m (85. 5 inches), while its weight varies depending on whether it is chosen with an open operator position (but with Rops) or with cabin. Please help the potential buyers of this machine for leaving a comment below to outline the great and not so great things about it, as well as the attachments that can be used with it.

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