John Deere 4430


The John Deere 4430 is a large farm tractor manufactured by JD during the 1970s for 4 years, from 1973 to 1977. It is part of the 4030 series of tractors that included the smaller John Deere 4230 and the larger John Deere 4630. This powerful tractor is not normally seen on smaller farms, but is much more common on larger farms that require a strong tractor with the pulling power of the JD 4430. Obviously, today JD produces even more tractors. powerful, but at the time it was a true workhorse. Its engine, designed and manufactured by John Deere, is a beast of 6 cylinders, 6. 6 liters and turbocharger, capable of producing 126 CV through its power take-off. To fill it correctly, you need 16. 1 liters of oil.

It does not have an air cooling system. Instead, it’s liquid-cooled and requires 28. 4 liters of coolant to properly maintain a reasonable temperature without overheating. It has a category 2 3-point hitch with a lift capacity of 4, 550 lbs. To fully fill the fuel tank from empty, it is necessary to put 174. 1 liters (46 US gallons) of diesel in the fuel tank.

Under normal operating conditions, the John Deere 4430 weighs 12, 000 pounds, but this weight increases dramatically if you fully ballast it. If you do, your weight will increase to 6831 kg (15, 061 lbs). It is quite a long tractor, with a length of 4. 08 m (161 in) and a wheelbase of 2. 7 m (90 in). All this makes it a fairly large tractor. When buying this model, you can choose whether you want a cabin or not. With the cab, it is 3. 17 m high, but without it (and therefore without a rollover bar), it is 2. 76 m high. In short, the JD 4430 is an impressive tractor. These tractors, if kept in good repair, are still working on farms today.

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