John Deere LESCO WL85B


The John Deere Lesco WL85B obtains its entire power of a 2-cylinder FH 430V Kawasaki engine. This ai r-cooled engine has a total displacement of 0. 431 liters. The crankshaft of this sel f-propelled host is aligned vertically. The JD Lesco WL85B engine is gasoline and feeds with the gas of a large fuel tank that has a maximum capacity of 18. 9 liters (5 US gallons). The pressure lubrication system prevents engine by keeping constantly lubricated mobile parts.

The John Deere Lesco WL85B engine passes the power to the wheels through a peerless transmission that gives the 5t h-speed 5-speed shortsting and 1 revenue in reverse assistance. This transmission gives the W85b Lesco a maximum speed of 8. 7 kph (5. 4 mph) when it moves forward, which is fast enough for the operator to almost jog to keep up with the machine. Unlike most sel f-propelled hosts that have the engine and controls of the corteped mounted in a long hand bar, the controls in the JD WL85b are just 2 gun handles, there is no bar.

The cutting platform of this corteped has a 4 8-inch cutting width, which is quite large considering that this is just a walk behind the corteped, not a tractor ride. The cutting platform can be lowered to 1. 5 inches on the earth and lift up to 4. 5 inches on the ground in increases of 0. 25 inches. The John Deere Lesco WL85B is one of the largest machines available in the Lesco (which is possessed by JD). Maybe it’s too big for your needs. If this is the case, then you may be more interested in something smaller such as the John Deere Lesco WL80B or the John Deere Lesco Wl83b walking behind the grass cutters.

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