Toro Titan MX5480


The Toro Titan MX5480 zero-turn mower is very similar to the Toro Titan ZX5420 mower in that they both have the same deck size. However, it is slightly larger than the Toro Titan MX4880. One of the best things about the Titan MX 5480 is the fact that it was purpose built to handle even very rough terrain. This is thanks to a number of useful features. The front edge of the mower deck is reinforced with a strong bumper to help prevent any major deflection, even if you hit a very large immovable object. On the front edge there are 3 small plastic wheels (1 in the center and 1 on each side). These wheels prevent the mower deck from scraping the ground it is riding on.

The operator has 3 options for treating the Toro Titan MX5480 grass clippings. The first and easiest is to simply allow them to unload on the side. The 2 problems with this are the fact that the clippings look very unsightly, but worse, they can prevent the grass below it from growing, potentially making your lawn look very ragged and uneven. The next option is to use a shredding kit. In this way, the clippings will become a very fine mulch that will rot quickly and provide nutrients to the soil. The third option is to place a bagger at the rear to collect the clippings. The only problem is that the operator has to empty it every time it fills up, which can take a long time if you are in a hurry.

Thanks to many different features, the Toro Titan MX5480 is very easy to ride and control. Speed and swing are controlled by the 2 hand-operated lap bars, while a foot lever is used to raise and lower the mower deck.

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