John Deere 100F


Most people think that JD only makes big farm tractors and lawn mowers. However, they also make a range of tractors for use in vineyards and orchards. The John Deere 100F is an example of these tractors. The JD 100F has a very low profile so it won’t get caught on low overhanging branches. You’ll even notice that the cab has a very low profile. It also has a very low center of gravity, making it more stable on inclines and slopes compared to normal farm tractors of similar size and power.

The John Deere 100F gets all its power from a 96 hp diesel engine. This engine is a Detroit Diesel model designed and manufactured by VM, which in turn is a subsidiary of General Motors. The engine is 4 cylinder and is turbocharged. Overheating is prevented by a liquid cooling system and has a total displacement of 2. 9 liters. The JD 100F is specially designed to have a very low turning radius of just 2. 9m, which is useful for navigating between difficult areas. The total weight of the machine with the operator station open is 2520 kg when shipped.

Since the John Deere 100F is designed like a normal farm tractor, it is not made in the United States at one of the usual production facilities like Waterloo or Horicon. Instead, all manufacturing takes place at the Goldoni plant, which is in Italy. Maybe the JD 100F seems a bit too powerful to you? If so, you’ll be glad to know there are less powerful machines in the John Deere F-Series of orchard and vineyard tractors, too. These are John Deere 76F and John Deere 85F tractors.

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