Kubota L5040


The Kubota L5040 compact utility tractor is one of the larger models in the L40 series of Kubota tractors. The smaller models include the Kubota L4240 or the Kubota L4740 tractors, while if you are looking for something that is bigger, you should check out the Kubota L5240 or even the largest of the L40 series, the Kubota L5740 tractor. Like the rest of the L40 series tractors, the L 5040 gets its power from an E-TVCS diesel engine. This engine is vertically aligned and has a displacement of 2, 434 liters. The engine has a nominal speed of 2, 600 rpm and is turbocharged. This means that the 4-stroke engine has a total net power of 50 HP.

This power is passed to the wheels after being transferred to a gearbox in the Kubota L5040. The transmission in the L 5040 is a GST that provides the tractor with 12 speeds when moving forward and 8 when reversing. Its top speed with this gearbox is 25. 5 km/h when moving forward and 24. 4 km/h when reversing, making it almost as fast when reversing as when going forward. in front of. The tractor is braked by foot-operated wet disc brakes.

The minimum turning radius of the Kubota L5040 compact utility tractor is 2. 8m. It measures 3. 21 m long and has a width of 1. 71 m. The wheelbase of the L5040 is 1. 92 m (75. 4 in). This tractor is very versatile. It has a 3-point rear hitch (category 1) with a maximum lifting capacity of 1, 350 kg. A backhoe loader can be attached to the rear of the tractor and a loader to the front. There’s also a dual-stage front snow thrower with a 62- or 72-inch width of cut. There is an optional rear-mounted, dual-stage snowblower that has either a 64-inch or 74-inch cutting width.

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