Husqvarna GTH2350


The Husqvarna GTH2350 riding mower is a slightly more powerful model than the Husqvarna GTH2250 riding mower. It’s also similar to the Husqvarna GT2254, but its mower deck isn’t quite as big. While some people refer to this mower as the GTH 2350, others know it as the Husqvarna GTH2350 Crown. Both names are correct. The mower deck on this tractor has a 50-inch width of cut. Inside the deck are 3 blades that work together to give a clean, even cut to virtually any lawn. The platform can be lowered up to 0. 5 inches off the ground. It does not cut into the ground thanks to small plastic wheels that force the platform to follow the contour of the ground.

When the mower deck cuts grass, there are 3 different methods to deal with clipping debris. Some people like to leave them on the lawn to rot. Unfortunately, if you mow long grass, you can end up leaving piles of clippings rotting on your lawn, which can end up leaving your lawn looking uneven and ugly. A good option would be to use a shredding kit. This way the grass rots much faster without you having to do a lot of extra work. The last option is to collect the clippings in a bag that is placed at the rear of the machine. In this way, the lawn will have a much cleaner appearance.

The mower deck and wheels on the Husqvarna GTH2350 Crown are powered by a Kohler CV675 gasoline engine. This engine provides the GTH 2350 with 23 hp. The engine has a total volume of 0. 656 liters and is air-cooled.

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