Toro Titan ZX6020


The Toro Titan ZX6020 Specker is the largest zer o-zer o-twisting of the Titan series in Toro. The smallest models include the Titan ZX4820 bull and the smallest model in the series, the Titan ZX5420 bull. The Titan ZX6020 has a 6 0-inch platform, which means that it also needs more power. Consequently, the engine that operates this zer o-rotation host is a 4-stroke kawasaki that produces 26 horsepower. This engine is air refrigerated and is a 2-cylinder model. Using a ZT 2800 hydrostatic transmission, each rear wheel can be controlled independently, which is what gives its zero turn capacity.

The speed and direction of the Titan Titan ZX6020 cortempted is controlled by the back bars driven by hand directly in front of the driver. To move forward or backward, both bars must be pushed forward or backward to the same extent. To turn, just push one of the bars forward or further back than the other, making a rear wheel faster than the other and that the machine turns. The rear wheels measure each 20 × 10 (20 inches in diameter, 10 inches wide) while each front wheel measures 11 × 4 (11 inches in diameter, 4 inches wide).

The Toro Titan ZX6020 Specker also has a number of accessories with which it is compatible. The most convenient is probably the double embolsor that can be connected to the back of the machine to collect the grass cuts, while there is also a mulching kit that can be added to the machine to convert the cuts into a nutritious pulp thatIt rots quickly on the ground and returns its nutrients to the ground. Interestingly, you can also add a light kit that will allow the operator to use the Titan ZX 6020 in the dark.

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