John Deere 9230


The Tractor John Deere 9230 belongs to the John Deere 9030 series of huge tractors designed specifically thinking about drag. All tractor production is carried out at the JD plant in Waterloo, Iowa, where it has been produced since 2007. The engine that drives the JD 9230 is a huge Powertech model that John Deere has designed and built for himself. This engine produces a whopping 325 hp. This is thanks to its variable geometry turbocharger that has air-Aire after cooling and recirculation of exhaust gases. The liquid cooling system, responsible for preventing the engine from hot too, has a capacity of up to 47. 3 liters of refrigerant. The double element air filter works effectively to purify particle air before the combustion chamber enters.

The power of the John Deere 9230 motor is transferred to the wheels through a selection of transmissions. An option is the JD Powershift gearbox, which provides the tractor of 18 progress and 6 reverse speeds, which gives it a maximum speed of 38. 5 km/h. The other option is the JD Powershift gearbox. The other option is a JD Powrsync gearbox that provides JD 9230 24 speeds forward and 6 reversal marches. This Powrsync transmission provides the tractor for a maximum speed of 34. 3 km/h.

The 3-point hitch in the rear of the John Deere 9230 is of category 4n/3, with a maximum secure elevation capacity of 6, 940 kg. This machine is only available with doubl e-traction chassis, which gives it a minimum turn radius of 4. 45 m. The total weight of JD 9230 is 15, 592 kg without ballast. Obviously, this weight will vary a lot, especially if one takes into account that the fuel tank can contain 1, 325 liters of diesel. Other similar, but more powerful models are the John Deere 9330 and the John Deere 9430.

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