Toro Power Clear 421Q Snow Blower


The Toro Power Clear 421Q Snow Blower is the large version of the Toro Power Clear 221Q Snow Blower. It uses a slightly larger engine built by Tecmuseh with a displacement of 0. 16 liters. This gives the Toro 421Q a launch distance of 10. 67 m (35 ft), which means it can quickly clear large open areas of snow without constantly having to retrace areas that it has already cleared, saving a lot of time in the field. process. The best thing about the 421Q snow thrower is that it uses a very clever electric start mechanism. While there is a recoil start system, the electric start system does not require a large battery and alternator, instead you just plug it in and it is powered from the mains. This starts the Toro’s Tecmuseh 4-stroke gasoline engine using a 120VAC starter motor.

There is a slight difference in weight between the recoil and electric start models. The recoil start Toro Power Clear 421Q weighs 84 lbs (38. 1 kg), while the electric start 421Q snow blower weighs 89 lbs (40. 4 kg). So the Toro 421Q snow blower is certainly heavier than smaller models like the Toro 1800 Power Curve snow blower, but it has a 0. 53 m (21 in) cutting width that allows it to clear up to 816. 5kg (1800 pounds) of snow per minute.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much effort to drive the Toro Power Clear 421Q. It is self-propelled thanks to its rubber Power Curve auger that grips the ground while turning. This means 2 things. First of all, the machine gets rid of snow stuck to the ground (which can often turn into ice). Second, it means you don’t have to push the 421Q snow thrower for hours in the cold. The rubber auger takes care of it for you. Click here to purchase the Toro Power Clear 421Q Snow Blower.

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