Husqvarna 2346XLS


The Husqvarna 2346xls cutter tractor has stopped being manufactured. However, this has not reduced its popularity. The engine that drives the 2346 XLS cut is a tw o-cylinder avan t-garde machine. This engine uses a pressure lubrication system that maintains the efficiently greased engine throughout the operation (provided the oil tank has been filled). The total displacement of the 2 cylinders is 0. 721 liters. The Briggs and Stratton engine transfers the power to the rear wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that provides infinite speeds both running and reverse. The accelerator is a pedal. There is a blocking of the rear differential in this cutter that allows you to take more closed turns than in conventional Husqvarna machines that lack this functionality.

The Husqvarna 2346xls cutting platform has a 4 6-inch cutting width. This platform is built of resistant steel and has 2 blades inside. The blades are operated by Correa. The platform has a series of small plastic wheels against peeling together with its edges. These maintain the elevation of the platform, which prevents the grass from crashing. The platform works in a 3-inch range. The lowest that can cut the grass is only 0. 5 inches above the ground for incredibly clean cut, while it can be raised up to 3. 5 inches to cope with the longest grass.

There are several options to get rid of the cuts once cut. If you are lazy then you will be happy to simply download them on the cover side. However, if you want your lawn to be careful, you can consider the use of a crusher that will turn the grass into a fast decomposition mulch/pulp. This quickly returns nutrients to the ground. The last option is to use a borrower to collect the grass cuts and leave the grass with a much cleaner appearance.

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