John Deere 6630


The John Deere 6630 belongs to the category of agricultural tractors. It has been designed by John Deere to attract a greater number of customers. This model is especially aimed at attracting a greater number of farmers who essentially seek reliable tractors.

The John Deere 6630 has a turbocharged engine. It is equipped with a high pressure fuel injection system. The engine has the ability to supply a power burst of five percent if necessary. In addition, it also provides 20% of power constantly.

The JD 6630 is available with many options in regards to the transmission: Powrquad Plus 16/16, Power Reverser 16/16, Powrquad Plus 24/24 and Powrquad Plus 20/20 are some of the transmission options available for the client. One of the most prominent aspects of all these models is the fact that they are equipped with an investor to the left that can be electrically operated, which makes driving and handling this beast is eaten bread.

To improve the operator’s comfort level, many changes have been introduced in the John Deere 6630 compared to the other versions of the same series. One of the main changes is the reduction of the noise level. It has been drastically reduced to 71 dB (A). Rear visibility has also been greatly improved. The cruise control of this model is standard, as in most John Deere tractors, and the heater has been relocated under the seat. Other versions of the same series have the heater located on the roof of the cabin, which was often a bit uncomfortable. The relocation has meant that the operator will enjoy better visibility and will not face any type of problem when using the front loader.

The John Deere 6630 has a control of the TDF that works at a distance. The fuel tank has been modified and can store up to 250 liters of fuel. The tractor lifting capacity is also on the highest side and oscillates between 4-6 tons. The JD 6630 is also equipped with an oil cap and a fuel cap. The model also has a protective kit. Includes a hood with lock and the Universal Autotrac and Parallel Tracking Systems. The model also consists of a hig h-level loading shovel.

The John Deere 6630 is really one of the most efficient agricultural tractors in its class.

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