Husqvarna P-ZT5224


The Zero Tour Specker Husqvarna P-ZT5224 is one of the newest models manufactured by Husqvarna. This particular model has a considerably lower cutting width than many other models of the P-ZT range. It measures only 52 inches. This cutting platform is made of 11 caliber steel. In the front of the cutting platform, you will find 5 small plastic wheels that act to prevent the platformscratches on your grass. The cutting platform is activated by an electrical clutch. The height of the cutting platform can be adjusted with great precision in increases of 0. 25 inches from a height of 5. 5 inches on the ground to a height of 1. 5 inches from the ground level.

The rear wheels of the Husqvarna P-ZT5224 cuttail do all the work, both boosting the machine forward (and back) and allowing you to change direction. The rear wheels measure 23 × 10. 5-12 (23 inches in diameter, 10. 5 inches wide, 12 inches in tire diameter). The front wheels really have only one function. They simply support the top of the cutter. As a result, the wheels are completely smooth and much smaller, measuring 13 × 6. 5-5 (16 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches wide, 5 inches of tire diameter).

The engine that drives the Husqvarna P-ZT5224 is not the most powerful. It is a 24 hp FX series Kawasaki that has a displacement of 0. 726 liters. This bicylindrical engine is ai r-cooled and uses a large and resistant cartridge air filter to purge the air entry of any impurity before the combustion chamber enters. A HYDRO-GEAR ZT3400 transmission is used to divide the engine power and divert it to each rear wheel. Similar models are the Husqvarna P-ZT6128 and the Husqvarna P-ZT6126 Zero Giro Cortation.

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