John Deere 9630T


If you’re looking for the largest and most powerful farm tractor JD currently produces, you’ve found it! The John Deere 9630T is a twin to the John Deere 9630 tractor, except the JD 9630T is different in one crucial respect, and that is the fact that it has tracks instead of tires. Both have the same turbocharged 13. 5-litre PowerTech engine producing 530bhp and the same gearbox, but this 9630T has tracks instead of wheels. These tracks make it much, much heavier than any other farm tractor currently on the John Deere production line. The total weight of the tractor is 19, 504 kg when it is not loaded.

Before deciding to buy the John Deere 9630T it is important to weigh the pros and cons of a tracked tractor. Some of the main advantages of the JD 9630T are the fact that it is more stable on slopes, since it is easier to maintain traction, as well as having better handling and not having to maintain tire pressure. However, it also has disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that it is not compatible with loaders. It also vibrates a lot when driving on a hard surface. Another disadvantage is that the tracks wear faster than conventional wheels when driving on hard surfaces. It also has a higher starting price.

To keep the John Deere 9630T balanced when towing heavy loads, various ballast packs are available to prevent the machine from tipping over. If you’re looking for similar, but smaller tractors from JD, check out the John Deere 9430T and John Deere 9530T tractors. Please feel free to leave a review of this tractor below. It will go a long way to potential buyers to give them an idea of what is involved in owning/operating one.

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