Craftsman LTS1500


The Craftsman LTS1500 Garden Tractor Lawn Mower is a mid-size model. The LTS 1500 is also commonly known as the Craftsman 28903 sometime. The mower deck on this garden tractor has a cutting width that comes in at 42 inches. These blades are housed within a 13 gauge steel deck. The deck on the LTS 1500 can operate at 6 different cutting heights from a minimum cutting height of 1. 5 inches above the ground to a maximum of 4 inches above the ground. The mower deck is raised and lowered by a spring-assisted lever. As with virtually all Craftsman models, there are 3 different modes for dealing with grass clippings. The easiest is to dump them back onto the lawn from the side of the mower deck. However, you can optionally shred them or buy a bagger and collect them at the rear.

The engine that powers the mower deck and wheels on the Craftsman LTS1500 isn’t particularly big, with a displacement of just 0. 502 liters. This single-cylinder engine is air-cooled and has overhead valves. Its total power is 17. 5 CV. The motor is kept lubricated by a splash lubrication system. The air entering the engine is purified by a paper air filter so that dust and other particles do not enter the combustion chambers.

Power from the engine is transferred to the wheels of the Craftsman LTS1500 via a Fender gearshift gearbox. This gives the LTS 1500 6 forward travel speeds and only 1 for reverse. The seat on this mower is highly adjustable, so you can almost always find a comfortable driving position, no matter how tall you are. The minimum turning radius of the mower is 18 inches when using the disc brakes. The weight of the mower is 224. 5 kg. Other similar models are the Craftsman LT1000.

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