Toro TimeCutter SS4260


The Zero Toro Timecutter SS4260 Giro Subsped use a Kawasaki engine to propel it. This engine is a gasoline model with 2 cylinders that have a total displacement of 0. 726 liters. The engine is set with key and is a 4-stroke model. The engine has a total power of 22 hp. As the SS 4260 is a zer o-rotation host, there is no flyer or acceleration pedal. Instead there are 2 back bars that are used to control both the speed and the direction of the machine. Pushing the back bars in opposite directions is what allows the operator to execute a zero radio turn on the host.

The maximum speed of the Timecutter SS4260 bull is 11. 3 kph (7 mph) when it moves forward, while in reverse can reach a maximum speed of only 4. 8 kph (3 mph). The power is transferred to the wheels of the Time Cutter SS 4260 hydrostatically, which fortunately means that you do not have to change your march. The rear wheels are much larger than the front, since they support most of the weight of the machine and boost the forward and backwards. Each measures 18 × 7. 5 (18 inches in diameter, 7. 5 inches wide). The front wheels do not support much weight. Nor do they provide traction. That is why they are smaller and bald. Each measures 11 × 4 (11 inches in diameter, 4 inches wide).

The Toro Timecutter SS4260 Zero Specker Platform has a total 4 2-inch cutting width. This platform has 2 blades. The platform is made of steel that offers great resistance and durability. The platform can cut the grass as low as 1. 5 inches above the ground, but it can be raised as high as 4. 5 inches above the ground. In total, the cutting platform has 7 cutting heights. Models similar to this are the Timecutter SS4235 bull and the Timecutter Z4200 bull.

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