John Deere 4050


Tractor John Deere 4050 is the smallest of the John Deere 50 series, which also includes the John Deere 4250 and John Deere 4450 tractors. However, do not think that JD 4050 is a small tractor. You can choose between 2 130 hp engines. Obviously, both engines are similar. Both use diesel and have 6 cylinders. Both engines are their own manufacturing by the JD team. The engines are refrigerated by liquid and turbocharged. An engine has a total displacement of 7. 6 liters, while the other engine has a 5. 9-liter displacement. The fuel tank of JD 4050 that supplies diesel to the engine has capacity for 174. 1 liters.

The engine feeds the John Deere 4050 hydraulic system. It is a closed system whose capacity depends on the chassis on which the machine is built. You have the option to buy it with a 4×2 2WD chassis or a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis. The hydraulic system activates the rear hitch (category 1 or 2) to have a maximum lifting capacity of 3364 kg (7418 lbs). The weight of JD 4050 varies depending on the chassis used. Its operating weight with the 2WD chassis is 5769 kg (12, 720 lbs).

The power of the John Deere 4050 motor reaches the wheels first through one of the 2 possible gearboxes. The first transmission option is a JD Power Shift. This provides the JD 4050 15 speed in advance, 4 in reverse and a maximum speed of 29. 3 km/h (18. 2 mph). The other transmission option is a JD Quad-ngege with partial gear change. This provides the tractor of 16 advance and 6 reverse speeds. The marches of both transmissions are changed with a wet disk clutch perma-clutch. Be sure to leave your thoughts about this tractor in the review below indicating what you like and dislike it.

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