Ariens Pro 32 Snow Blower


The Ariens Pro 32 snow blower uses a 4-stroke Snow King engine designed and built by Tecumseh. This engine has a displacement of 0. 36 liters, which provides a power of 13 hp. This makes it much bigger and stronger than the Ariens Pro 26 Snow Blower or the Ariens Pro 28 Snow Blower. The engine power is transferred to the wheels through an Disc-O-Matic transmission that provides the ariens pro 32 6 speed of progress and 2 setback. This Disc-O-Matic transmission uses extra strong aluminum for housing.

When the snow enters for the first time in the Ariens Pro 32 quittings it is broken by the endless steel endless that has a diameter of 0. 41 m (16 inches). This feeds the snow towards the center of the spoon, where the driver is located. The driver of the Ariens Pro 32 launch has a diameter of 0. 36 m (14 inches) and consists of 3 shovels. This aspires the snow to him and spits her through the duct. The duct is made of resistant steel that is not folded even with heavy loads. It can turn 200 degrees allowing the operator to always have the possibility to channel the snow outside the cleaning area.

While the cleaning width of the Ariens Pro 1332le is 32 inches, the total width of the machine is 0. 88 m (34. 5 inches). It has a total height from the ground level to the upper part of the 1. 14 m mangoes (45 inches). The length of the machine is 1. 56 m (61. 5 inches). The total weight of the Ariens 1332le is 135. 2 kg (298 lbs). The Ariens 1332le snow blower is manufactured with a very high standard and should last a long time as long as it takes care of it. This is the reason why Ariens is pleased to support it with a 3-year guarantee for individual consumers and a 9 0-day guarantee for commercial operators who use it. Click here to buy the Ariens Pro 32 snow blower.

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