John Deere M


The John Deere M range can be subdivided into 4 different but similar vehicles: the M, the MT which is the tricycle version, the MC which is the version of caterpillars, the MI which is a model designed for industrial purposes.

The “M” model of JD was designed as a substitute for three previous models, the “L”, the “H” and the “La”. It began to occur in 1947 and was manufactured for 5 years, until 1952. Variations (MT, MC and MI) began to be manufactured a little after the original “M”.

All the variants of the “M” were propelled by a 1. 6-liter and 2 cylinder gasoline engine designed and manufactured by John Deere that provided more than 20 hp (it is not much if we think that most of the John Deere Costa Deerecurrently pay more than 20 hp). However, many John Deere M reconditioned today do not have the original engine, but often the engine has been replaced.

As the majority of John Deere’s enthusiasts already know, the model MY is not painted in the traditional and yellow of John Deere. Instead, it is completely painted yellow.

The JD M was not a huge tractor at the time when it was originally manufactured, but weighed 2, 600 pounds (or 1179 kg for those in Europe). It measures 279 cm long and 129 cm wide.

The John Deere M had 4 marches forward and reached a maximum speed of 16. 1 km/h forward. Under reverse, the “M” model had a scarce maximum speed of 2. 6 km/h thanks to its only reverse.

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