John Deere 2150


Tractor John Deere 2150 is part of the 2050 series of compact utility tractors. This machine is propelled by a diesel engine designed and built by JD itself. The engine is 3 cylinders, which gives it a total volume of 2. 9 liters. The engine is natural aspiration and is quite efficient, burning 12. 2 liters per hour (3. 2 American gallons per hour). The engine remains refrigerated by a liquid cooling system that contains up to 10. 4 liters of water. Shoot with a compression ratio from 17. 4 to 1. The engine uses a double element of paper air filter to prevent pollutants from entering the engine and damage it. The maximum engine power is 46 hp. The engine starts with a 1 2-volt battery that is recharged with a 55 amps alternator.

The John Deere 2150 JD engine operates the wheels through 2 different gearboxes. The first is a Top-Shaft gearbox that provides 8 speeds running forward and 4 in reverse. The maximum speed that this gearbox provides to the tractor is 26. 8 km/h. The other gearbox option is a JD Hi-Lo TSS transmission. This partial assisted change doubles the number of marches, with what has 16 marches forward and 8 backward. This gearbox provides the tractor for a maximum speed of 29. 4 km/h.

The John Deere 2150 engine also operates the hydraulic system. It is a closed center system that has a valve flow of 49. 2 liters per minute (13 American gallons per minute). The maximum ballast weight of JD 2150 is 2689 kg. The tractor measures 1. 74 m wide. This tractor is the smallest of the John Deere 2050 series. If you like it, but you prefer a bigger and powerful model, take a look at the John Deere 2350 or John Deere 2550 tractors.

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