Massey Ferguson 2620H


The Massey Ferguson 2620H ride-on mower is the only model available in the Massey Ferguson 2600 series. The MF2620H is powered by a two-cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine producing 20PS. The engine uses a K-57 transmission to get power from the engine to the wheels. It is a hydrostatic transmission that only uses pedals to accelerate and reverse. This gearbox gives the lawn tractor a top speed of 9. 3 km/h when moving forward and 5. 6 km/h when reversing.

Obviously, this engine on the Massey Ferguson 2620H also powers the mower deck, which has a 44-inch width of cut. Inside the mower deck you will find 3 blades that work together to efficiently cut grass. At the rear of the MF 1620 H deck, you’ll find a full-width roller to smooth the grass right after mowing. The mower deck has a cutting height of 2. 75 inches, from a minimum of 1 inch above the ground to a maximum of 3. 75 inches above the ground. To handle grass clippings the operator has a number of different options. You can attach a rear bagger to collect them. There are a number of different baggers you can tie that vary in size from 6. 5 to 17 bushels in capacity. If you don’t want to spend time emptying the bagger, you can opt for a shredder kit.

The third option for the Massey Ferguson 2620H to deal with clippings is to discharge them from the side of the mower deck, although this can be a bit unsightly as the clippings rot into the turf. There is also a range of accessories that you can use with the MF2620 H riding mower to increase its functionality, from single and two stage snow blowers (42 and 46 inch) to dozer blades, brushcutters and ploughs.

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