John Deere 5820


John Deere is known for launching new models of the same category that, ultimately, lead to a series of models. This trend was initiated by John Deere mainly to continue improving his previous model in order to serve the client in the best possible way. Many will agree that this trend has worked great for the company. The John Deere 5820 is a larger version of the John Deere 5720. Apart from being larger in size, this version is also different from his smallest partner in terms of other aspects.

Like the John Deere 5720, the production of JD 5820 also began in 2008 and has continued to date. Production is carried out in Germany.

This tractor is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine designed by John Deere. The engine has 88 hp. The JD 5850 has an impressive fuel capacity of almost 114 liters and the engine works with diesel. The John Deere 5820 is popular for its hydrostatic steering wheel and wet disc brake. The refrigerant capacity reaches 13. 5 liters together with 13 liters of oil capacity. The engine needs oil change once every 400 hours of operation.

The John Deere 5820 has 16 marches forward and behind.

The weight of this model is exactly the same as the John Deere 5720 (8157 lbs). The tractor can safely drag a maximum capacity of 6100kgs of weight. The wheelbase is 88. 6 inches wide. The length and width of this tractor is 155. 5 inches and 85. 6 inches, respectively.

The John Deere 5820 is having a similar success when compared to JD 5720. Both models are designed to serve agricultural motifs in the best possible way. One of the most prominent aspects of this model is the fact that it has been designed, taking into account all modern agriculture techniques.

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