Yard-Man 26 Inch Snow Blower


The Yard-Man 26-Inch Snow Blower is a dual stage machine that is not as large as the Yard-Man 28-Inch Snow Blower and Yard-Man 30-Inch Snow Blower, but it is much larger thanYard-Man 24-Inch Snow Blower and Yard-Man 21-Inch Snow Blower models. While this machine obviously has a 0. 66m (26in) clearing width, it has a 0. 53m (21in) entry height, though with the addition of drift cutter blades the maximum snow depththat it can operate efficiently in is much larger than this.

Snow enters the Yard-Man 26-Inch Dual Stage Snow Blower’s housing first, where the toothed steel auger is located. This very quickly breaks up the snow and ice while also moving it towards the center of the machine where the impeller is located. The impeller is 0. 3 m (12 in) in diameter and consists of steel blades that further break up the snow and expel it from the machine through the chute. The plastic polymer chute also has a deflector at the top to give the operator even more control over exactly where to send the blown snow.

The Yard-Man 26″ Dual Stage Snowthrower’s chute is controlled from the operator’s station via a 4-way joystick that allows you to rotate the chute up to 200 degrees. The 4-stroke engine, manufactured by Yard-Man, has a displacement of 0. 31 liters and contributes to a total weight of 93 kg (205 lbs). The engine is started by plugging it into the mains or using the recoil system by cable. Atop the housing of this 26″ snow thrower is a halogen headlight that allows for smooth operation even in the dark.

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