John Deere 310


Tractor John Deere 310 is not especially known by the majority. This is due to two reasons: first, it is an old machine. It is not manufactured since 1967. Secondly, it did not have a very long production; It only lasted 2 years, from 1966 to 1967. The entire construction of the tractor has been carried out at the John Deere facilities in Mannheim, Baden-Würtvelg, Germany. The engine that drives the JD 310 tractor is a diesel that John Deere has built at home. It is a 3-cylinder model that has a total displacement of 2. 5 liters. The engine uses a liquid cooling system to avoid overheating. The engine has a total power of 31. 6 hp.

The JOHN DEERE 310 tractor box is quite simple. It provides the tractor for a total of 10 speeds to move forward and 3 to retreat. The total weight of the tractor is 2095 kg. As the tractor is so old and had such a short production, you will rarely see it in use today. If you do, most likely I see it with an improvised antivuelco bar (ROPS) that cannot always be guaranteed that it works correctly.

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