John Deere 5083E


The John Deere 5083E utractor tractor is a step forward with respect to the John Deere 5075E and John Deere 5075m utractor tractors. It is propelled by an efficient Powertech manufacturing engine of JD. It is a 4-cylinder engine, diesel, turbocharged and with very low emissions. The 5083E JD engine is refrigerated by liquid and produces 82 hp. The air entrance is filtered first through a dr y-type air filter to prevent dust and other particles from entering the combustion chamber.

The transmission used in the John Deere 5083E is a Powreverser transmission that provides the tractor for 12 marches to move forward and 12 also to go back. This transmission allows the tractor to reach a maximum speed of 36 km/h. The 5083E JD comes with a standard cabin with ROPS (ant i-uelco protection system). The cabin provides a very pleasant environment that protects the driver from the inclement weather abroad. The best thing about the cabin is that it is also isolated from the tractor, which helps reduce noise and vibrations during operation.

The fuel tank of the John Deere 5083E utractor tractor has capacity for 126. 8 liters of diesel, which means that it will not have to be constantly filling it as in a host. The quick IMATCH hitch of category 1 or the rapid economic hitch of category 2 is capable of hosting a wide variety of rear implements. Meanwhile, there are also a series of front loaders that are compatible with the JD 5083E. If you are looking for a tractor capable of performing a wide range of tasks in an exploitation of any size, it will be very suitable (provided it has the appropriate implements). To obtain information on a wide variety of John Deere tractors, be sure to check the John Deere tractor page.

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