Yard-Man 24 Inch Snow Blower


The snow blower of the Dual Yard-Man stage 24 inches is much smaller than the tastes of the Yard-Man’s snow blower 28 inches or Yard-Man’s snow blower 30 inches. It even has a smaller engine to match its lowest cleaning width. It is a Yardman engine of 0. 18 liters and 4 times. This machine can be started by plugging it or using the string recoil system. The power of this sel f-propelled quittings is transferred to the wheels by means of a transmission that provides this Yard Man 6 marches when it moves forward and 2 marches for when it goes back. This yard-man uses Snow Hog tires to grab the floor on which he is working. Each tire has a width of 0. 1 m (4 inches) on the ground.

The snow in front of the 24-inch Yard-MAN strings is cut by 2 different devices (hence the name of “double stage”). The first device is the endless steel endless. This endless occupies the entire width of the chitanyese housing. Turn at high speed and cut even the ice. Once it does, it displaces the cuts to the center of the housing, where the driver is located. The driver has a diameter of 0. 3 m (12 inches). This driver breaks further snow, but the most important thing is that the spear out the duct at high speed. The duct by which the snow moves is made of plastic polymer and the snow guides up to 10. 7 m (35 feet) of the snow blower. The duct can be rotated from the operator station and has the ability to turn 200 degrees.

2 stages yard-man launches also has a built-in halogen lighthouse so that it can easily use it in dark places. The weight of this machine comes to 88. 45 kg (195 pounds), which is actually quite light compared to the similar sizes made by other brands. Chana here to buy the 24-inch snow blower from Yard-Man.

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