John Deere 410


The John Deere 410 is a backhoe tractor that has returned to life in recent years. It originally appeared in 1971, when it was manufactured in a production series that lasted 12 years, until 1983. However, now there is a more recent version, the John Deere 410J that is in current production that is also a backhoe tractor, but first goTo talk about the original and oldest JD 410.

It has an option of 2 engines, one of gasoline and the other diesel. The gasoline engine was manufactured by John Deere and is a 4-cylinder and 3. 6-liter model capable of producing 62 hp. The diesel model has the same 3. 6-liter displacement and is also a 4 cylinder that provides 62 hp. Both are refrigerated by liquid and need 16. 1 liters of refrigerant to cool properly, while they also share the same 8. 5 liter oil capacity. The weight of the John Deere 410 is original is 5, 667 kg (12, 495 pounds), while measuring 7. 25 meters (285. 5 inches) long and 2. 13 meters (84 inches) wide. It seems much longer than a normal tractor for the simple reason that this length includes the loading shovel and the backhoe.

The John Deere 410J has a more powerful 98 hp engine. It is a John Deere 4045HT054 and is a 4-cylinder model with a 4. 5-liter displacement. Its humid multidiscus brakes allow effective and safe braking. The JD 410J backhoe uses the Powertech Tier 3 engine of wet sleeve for superior control and power. This model is a real time savings, since all service points that need daily and repeated reviews are easily accessible. The excavation force of the backhoe is 8, 741 pounds, while it has a range of 6 meters (19 feet, 8 inches) from its turn center. The front loader has a spoon of 2. 18 m wide and a boot force of 10, 210 pounds. The new 410J seems to have continued where the old JD 410 left it.

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