John Deere D170


The John Deere D170 is the largest corteped of the 10 0-yea r-old series produced by JD (this series 100 is from 2011). The JD 170 is very similar to the John Deere D160, since both have the same engine, the Briggs and Stratton ‘Extend Life Series’ (ELS) Model 44, which has a displacement of 0. 725 liters (or 44 cubic inches). This ai r-cooled engine needs 1. 9 liters of oil to guarantee complete lubrication during operation. The fuel tank of the normal model has capacity for 15. 1 liters of gasoline, while that of the California model has capacity for 9. 1 liters.

The engine power is transferred to the wheels through a 4 × 2wd chassis using a hydrostatic gearbox. This means that there is no gear change in the John Deere D170. Instead it only has 2 pedals; 1 to move forward and the other to back down. All models of the 100 series have the same maximum speed of 8. 8 km/h. However, the wheels of the JD D170 are larger than those of the smallest models. The front wheels measure 16 × 6. 5-8 (16 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches of width and 8 inches in tire diameter), while the rear wheels measure 22 × 9. 5-12 (22 inches in diameter, 9. 5 inches of width and 12 inches in tire diameter).

There is a wide range of different accessories that are compatible with the John Deere D170. These obviously include Baggers and many different types of snow blowers from John Deere. However, there is also a ton more than other accessories such as utility cars, scrapers, stands, rotary brooms and thatchers. You will find the JD D170 toWith the appropriate accessories.

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