White Outdoor SB928 Snow Blower


The White Outdoor SB928 snow blower is much smaller than the 4545SW 4 5-inch and White Outdoor SB945 snow snow blowers. However, it is still very powerful with a cleaning width of 0. 71 m (28 inches). Its cleaning height is 22 inches. Her first line to attack the snow in front of her is her auger that is made of teeth. Once the snow is chopped, it is aspirated by the driver that breaks further snow into smaller particles. At the same time, the driver expels the snow at high speed through the duct.

The duct is made of polymer to prevent traffic jams. It is controlled from the operator position and can turn 180 degrees. At the end of the hopper is the deflector. The purpose of this is to provide the operator greater control and precision in where the snow is sending. The total weight of the machine is 136. 1 kg (300 pounds), which is quite heavy for a launch of this size.

The Quitanieves White Outdoor SB928 of double stage and 28 inches is propelled by an Snow King engine that has a power of 10. 5 horses. This power is transferred to the wheels through a total traction transmission that gives SB 928 6 marches when moving forward and 2 marches for when it goes back. To start this engine, just plug and press the electric start button. Or you can also use the cable setback mechanism to start it. The fuel tank of this machine has a capacity for 3. 8 liters of gasoline, which will allow it to use for more than 1 hour without stopping to refuel.

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