Snow Joe SJ622 Snow Blower


The Snow Joe SJ622 snow blower is quite different from most other Snow Joe snow blowers like the Snow Joe SJ905 snow blower for example. It’s a single-stage machine, but more importantly, it’s electric-powered instead of using a gasoline engine like most other Snow Joe machines. It has a 13 amp electric motor and needs to be plugged in to work. Probably the biggest advantage of this snow thrower is the fact that it starts so easily compared to gas powered snow throwers.

The Snow Joe SJ622 single-stage snow blower is capable of moving up to 800 lbs. (362. 9 kg) of snow every minute. That’s a huge amount, especially when you consider that the SJ622 has a cleaning width of just 0. 48m (19 inches) and a suction lift of just 0. 28m (11 inches). The interesting thing about this machine is that the wheels do not provide any type of propulsion. Instead, all power is diverted to the auger as it provides propulsion for the snow blower as well as snow removal. The auger propels the machine by grabbing the ground in front of it as it turns and this pulls the machine forward. Since the machine is in constant contact with the ground, the auger is made of rubber to prevent it from damaging the surface it is running on.

But the Snow Joe SJ622 single-stage snowthrower’s auger is also responsible for breaking up snow in front of it and “blowing” it from the clearing area. It consists of 4 individual blades to easily handle large capacities of snow. Snow exits the housing and is channeled out of the clearing area through a plastic chute that can rotate up to 180 degrees. The SJ622 can throw snow up to 6. 1 m (20 ft). Click here to purchase the Snow Joe SJ622 Snow Thrower.

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