Toro TimeCutter Z5035


The engine that drives the Zero Toro Timecutter Z5035 Toro Specked is a tw o-cylinder kawasaki. This engine has an internal ventilation carburetor and a pressure lubrication system. The engine produces a power of 24 hp. It has a fuel capacity of 11. 4 liters (3 US gallons). The engine is 4 times and has a limited warranty of 3 years. The engine transfers the power to the wheels of the Z 5035 through a double hydrostatic transmission. The power is directed to each wheel through the lap bars. Pushing the bars in alternative addresses, you can execute radio zero turns. There are a number of models similar to this that include the Timecutter SS5000 bull, the Timecutter SS5060 bull and the Timecutter Z5060 bull.

The maximum speed of the Timecutter Z5035 bull is 11. 3 kph (7 mph) traveling forward, while in reverse it has a maximum speed of 5. 5 kph (3. 4 mph). The Z 5035 cutting platform has a 5 0-inch cutting width. It is made of stamped steel, which means that it has much less potential weak points compared to a welded or screwed steel cover. The total width of the roof comes to 64 inches, due to the discharge channel on the roof side that prevent grass cuts (and other waste) flying everywhere.

The Toro Timecutter Z5035 cutter platform can be raised and lowered from a height of 1. 5 inches to 4. 5 inches above the ground. A strap transmission system is used to operate the Toro Timecutter 50 ″ cutting platform. It is activated by means of an electric force. To deal with grass cuts, many people simply leave them lying on the grass. However, remember that you also have the option of using a Reycler crushing kit to convert cuts into a rapid decomposition mulch. You can also collect the cuts in a double bag rear pickup. Click here to buy the Timecutter Z5035 bull.

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