Lawn Boy 10603


The Lawn Boy 10603 push mower is quality equipment from a brand you can trust. It uses a Kohler motor to drive the blades. This engine has a total displacement of 0. 149 liters and uses overhead valves to give it a longer useful life. Fortunately, the 10603 incorporates a smart priming system that makes it easy to start the engine without having to prime it first. The engine is started by the operator using a recoil starting mechanism. This starting mechanism features Lawn Boy’s ‘Easy Pull’ starting mechanism which makes pulling a breeze.

Power from the Lawn Boy 10603 push mower’s Kohler engine is transferred to the mower deck. This deck has a 20-inch width of cut. The motor spins a single 20-inch blade. This small mower deck is ideal for small gardens as it doesn’t use too much fuel, while at the same time being very capable of cutting tight and hard to reach patches of grass. The deck also has a large amount of redundant volume above the cutting blade that allows for superior mulching. Shredding is easier thanks to the mower’s three-cut blade. The deck of the 10603 walk-behind mower can be raised to a height of 4 inches above the ground from a height of 1 inch above the ground.

While the tri-cut blade on the Lawn Boy 10603 push mower makes it great at mulching, it collects grass clippings into a rear bagging attachment. This will leave your lawn looking much cleaner and tidier than simply dumping grass clippings onto your lawn to rot. Unfortunately the Lawn Boy 10603 is not CARB compliant which means it is not available for sale in California. Other Lawn Boy push mower models include the Lawn Boy 10604, Lawn Boy 10605, and Lawn Boy 10606.

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