Snapper RER17


Tractor & Lawn Mower Review

Surprisingly, the Snapper RER17. 5/33 is the largest in the rear motor series produced by Snapper. The smallest models of the series are the Snapper RER13. 5/30, the Snapper RER11. 5/28 and the Snapper RER12. 5/28. Most people have a hard time believing that the most powerful host of this series has an engine with a power of only 17. 5 hp. The reason for this is that the RER17533 is designed as a smaller compact seat cutter that simply does the job. In this host you will not find any trick or extravagant technology. It is just an engine, a chassis, a seat, a steering wheel and a cutting platform.

The engine that produces the 17. 5 hp of Rider Snapper RER17. 5/33 is a Briggs and Stratton Ink engine of 1 cylinder. This engine is started with a setback cable or by an electrical start system that uses a 1 2-volt battery that supplies the engine 230 cold starting amps. The engine feeds on a tank with capacity for 6. 6 liters of gasoline. This gas tank may seem small, but it is quite reasonable if you take into account the small engine size. The total weight of RER 17. 5/33 is quite light, since it weighs only 165. 6 kg.

The Snapper RER17. 5/33 has 3 options to treat grass cuts. The best option is to use Snapper’s Mulcher Ninja system that converts cuts into a rapid decomposition mulch that returns its nutrients to the ground. However, there are also other options. You can collect the cuts in a hopper. Or if you do not want to collect the grass cuts, you can download them on the side of the cutting platform, which is the fastest option. The RER 17533 has 5 speeds and 1 for reverse. If you have or have previously possessed one of these riders of the rider, then make sure to leave a comment down.

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