Kubota B26


The Kubota B26 utractor tractor belongs to the TLB series of Kubota tractors. The tractor has a gross power of 26 hp. It is a 3-cylinder diesel engine that has a nominal regime of 2800 rpm. The engine has a cylindrated of 1, 123 liters. The fuel tank that supplies diesel to the engine has capacity for 31 liters. This engine activates the wheels through an HST hydrostatic transmission. This hydrostatic transmission provides B26 infinite speeds of 3 different ranges (Hi, Med and Lo). In the HI march, the tractor reaches a maximum speed of 17. 8 km/h.

The Kubota B26 engine also operates the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system of this tractor has a maximum pumping capacity of 42. 3 liters/minute. This system activates the 3-point rear hitch (category 1). It provides the rear hitch for a maximum 760 kg secure capacity. In the back of B 26 a backhoe can be attached. This backhoe has a maximum excavation force of 4211 lbs. The total width of the backhoe is 1. 37 m (53. 7 inches). It has a maximum load height of 1. 96 m (77. 3 inches). You can also get a front charger to the tractor. This loader has a maximum lifting capacity of 590 kg (1300 lbs). The total weight of the loader alone is 285 kg.

The Kubota B26 comes with a 4 pos t-pole antivuelco bar system (Rops) to help protect the operator in the remote possibility that the tracotr turns. Models similar to this in the TLB series include the Kubota L39 utility tractor. The B26 is a very useful and manageable utractor tractor. However, its only inconvenience is that it is not especially powerful. If one of these tractors has ever had or operated, please leave a review below so that others know what it is to use and possess one.

3 Reviews of the Kubota B26

We love this little tractor. Easy to use, especially with beginner operators. Easy to remove the front saucepan to can. Stable and powerful in our mountain farm. Great cleaning of weeds and trees. I have larger tractors but this is easy to use. The backhoe is easy to put and remove. The modifications of 3 points facilitate the use of rear accessories. I can take a pencil with the front claw, which facilitates the cleaning of the weeds. The cost is high, but the average of the next 20 years of being able to take care of our property safely is very reasonable.

Horrible experience with the distributor and the representatives of Kubota

This is not an excavator for large projects, however, for the owner of the Earth as me and even for a commercial gardening and irrigation company, the B26 is actually, for its size and class, a small work horse and asI have mentioned before, its size gives the B26 the ability to enter and get out of where a large backhoe cannot, but nevertheless, is able to do a large pile of work saving its back and its bag. Now I close my review with any negative feedback apart from my personal hobbies.

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