Toro Power Max 826 OXE Snow Blower


The Toro Power Max 826 OXE Snow Blower has a snow throwing capacity very similar to the Toro Power Max 726 OE Snow Blower, as both can process up to 862 kg of snow per minute. The cleaning width of the Toro 826 OXE is also the same as the Toro 726 OE. It is 0. 66m (26in) which allows it to attack large expanses of snow very quickly.

Inside the 0. 66 m (26 in) wide opening is the auger. It is a Power Max type auger. It is a 0. 36 m (14 in) toothed steel auger that quickly and efficiently cuts snow and directs it toward the steel impeller. The steel impeller blade is 0. 3 m (12 in) wide and enhances the throwing capability of the Toro Power Max 826 OXE Dual Stage Snow Thrower by forcing snow through it at fast speeds. The maximum launch distance for the Toro 826 OXE is 13. 7 m (45 ft). This is a massive amount of force and care must be taken when operating it so as not to damage things or injure people.

The engine in this Toro dual stage snow blower is a 0. 25 liter Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke which is started either by the built-in recoil starting mechanism or by an electric starting switch which runs off mains electricity. The friction disc transmission used in the Toro Power Max 826 OXE snow blower gives the machine 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. This power is transferred to wheels that can be driven independently allowing the operator to make tight 180 degree turns with little effort. Once snow is sucked into the Toro 826 OXE by the auger, it is then ejected out of its strong steel deflector channel which is controlled through Toro’s trademark Quick Stick system. This is a quality snow blower that you will find frequently in use by professionals let alone regular homeowners. Click here to purchase the Toro Power Max 826 OXE Snow Blower.

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