John Deere L


The John Deere L is one of the first JD tractors. It is part of the machine series of the same letter that also includes tractors such as John Deere M and John Deere H. This tractor had a very long production that lasted 10 years, from 1937 to the end of production in 1946During this time, the entire construction of the tractor took place at the Moline plant, located in Illinois. In total the JD l originally came with one of 3 different motor options. An option is a 2-cylinder Hercules NXB gasoline engine with a total cylindrated of 1. 1 liters. Another option is a John Deere gasoline engine that is also a 2 cylinders with a total volume of 1. 1 liters. The last option is a 2-cylinder NXA Hercules engine that works with gasoline and has a total displacement of 0. 9 liters. The three motor options are refrigerated by liquid. The maximum power of these engines is 10. 4 hp.

The John Deere L gearbox is very simplified. It is only a no n-synchronized transmission that has 3 speeds to go forward and only one to go back. The maximum speed of JD L is 9. 7 km/h. The total weight of the tractor is 687 kg (1515 lbs). The tires are quite small. The front wheels measure each 4-15 (4 inches of width, 15 inches of tire diameter), while the rear wheels measure each 6-22 (6 inches of width, 22 inches of tire diameter).

As you can probably guess, John Deere L is a fairly small machine. It measures 2. 31 m (91 inches) long and 1. 24 (49 inches) wide at its widest point. The JD L fuel tank has a maximum capacity of 22. 7 liters of gasoline. There is also another L. model. This is the John Deere Li industrial tractor, specifically modified for use in works, etc.

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