John Deere X475


The John Deere X475 mower is the second smallest machine in the John Deere X-series of mowers. The smallest one is the John Deere X465 mower while if you are looking for something a bit bigger then you may be interested in the John Deere X485. The JD X475 is powered by a 23hp Kawasaki FD671D engine. This 2-cylinder V-twin petrol engine is naturally aspirated and has a displacement of 0. 7 litres. This engine is quite large, so it uses a liquid cooling system to prevent it from overheating. The capacity of the cooling system is 4 liters and it is important to check it regularly to ensure that it has been topped up with coolant. The air intake is purified by a double element paper filter. The total power of the engine is 23 hp.

Because the John Deere X475 is such a large mower, it is rarely used by individuals. Instead it is mostly seen being used by professional garden contractors and landscapers who need to cut acres and acres of lawn. There are a number of very large mower decks that are compatible with the JD X475. These include a 48-inch mower deck, a 54-inch mower deck, and a 62-inch mower deck. These large mower decks are not particularly well-suited for working in small, confined yards. However, they do well in open areas of grass. So if you need to cut grass on a playground at a park, this is a fantastic machine.

But cutting grass isn’t all the John Deere X475 can do. You can also use it with many garden implements. You can attach snow throwers and snow blades, as well as rotary brooms, center-mounted blades, box scrapers, rotary cultivators, sprayers, and even a front-end loader. For more information about this model, you can check it on the official JD site by clicking here.

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