Toro GT2200


The Toro GT2200 Specker Tractor works with a Kohler Courage engine. This 2-cylinder engine has a power of 25 hp. The engine has a totally pressurized lubrication system to avoid any unnecessary wear. The wheels receive the power of the engine through a hydrostatic transmission that makes the GT 2200 automatic. This garden cortested tractor has a very good maximum speed of 10. 3 km/h. It also has the cruise control option for those who have large areas of land to cut. If you look for similar but smaller machines than this, take a look at the Toro LX427 or Toro LX468.

The Toro GT2000 Specked Tractor Platform has a 5 0-inch cut width. It consists of 3 blades that make a cut much softer than a single large blade that often leaves the central part without cutting. The operator can choose to download the cuts through the side of the cutting platform, or instead you can crush them optionally. What most people do, especially gardening contractors, is to use the optional triple borrowing accessory for GT 2200, which has a capacity of up to 10 grass cutters.

The fuel tank of the GT2200 Toro Corteped can contain up to (3 gallons US) of gasoline. You will be happy to know that you can use the GT 2200 even when it is dark thanks to the fact that it comes with headlights. There are also accessories that you can use with it, such as quotes, a front blade and different public services cars. This means that with this corteped you can quickly clean the snow of its entrance path early in the morning, when it is still dark.

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