Massey Ferguson 2927H


The Massey Ferguson 2927H is the other MF2900 series machine. The second model of the series, with a similar power, is the Massey Ferguson 2927LC. The MF 2917 H Speaker obtains its power of a Command gasoline engine designed and manufactured by Kohler. It is a bicylindrical engine that is launched using a 12 volt battery. The engine produces 27 hp to propel both the wheels and the cutting platform.

The Massey Ferguson 2927H has several cutting platforms. The smallest has a 4 8-inch cut width, while the largest has a 6-inch cut width (although this platform is more likely to be attached when cutting very humid or long grass). The mediu m-sized cutter platform has a 5 4-inch cutting width. As the plastic deflector is located on the side of the cutting platform, adds approximately 12 inches to the total width of each of the 3 cutting platforms. All the housings of the MF2917 h corteveal consist of 3 small blades that work together. The platform can be lowered up to 1 inch above the ground and rise to 5 inches above the ground. Among these 2 extremes, it has infinite heights.

The Massey Ferguson 2927H garden cortor tractor is automatic thanks to using a K-92 hydrostatic transmission. This transmission provides a large cutting power to the cutter. This transmission provides infinite speeds from both forward and backward. The K-92 transmission makes the MF2927H very fast, giving it a maximum speed of 14. 5 km/h (9 mph) in advance, while in reverse it has a maximum speed of 8. 9 km/h (5, 5 mph). This corteped is built on a 2WD chassis and uses a differential block that allows you to have a very adjusted minimum rotation radi/1180 lbs).

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