John Deere Z850A


The John Deere Z850A Zero-Turn Mower is the mac daddy of John Deere’s Pro 800 Series. Some of the smaller models in the Pro 800 series are the John Deere Z820A, the John Deere Z830A, and the John Deere Z840A. The engine that powers the JD Z580A is a Kawasaki FX 850V that produces 31 hp to drive both the blades and the wheels. This Kawasaki engine has a total displacement of 0. 852 liters. It is an air-cooled engine that has a full-pressure lubrication system that holds up to 1. 9 liters of oil. Air intake into the engine passes through a heavy-duty cartridge-style air filter after first passing through a pre-cleaner to ensure only air enters the combustion chamber.

Power from the John Deere Z850A mower’s engine is transmitted to the rear wheels through a heavy-duty Parker drive system. This gives the JD Z850A infinite speeds in both forward and reverse. The speed and direction of the machine are controlled through the rev bars located in front of the driver (there is no steering wheel). Giving each rear wheel different amounts of power is what allows you to turn. The top speed of the JD Z580A forwards is 19. 3 km/h, while backwards it is quite agile (8 km/h).

There are several mower decks that are compatible with the John Deere Z850A, some of which have mulch-on-demand capability. There are 2 different sizes available, the smaller one has a 60 inch cutting width while the larger deck has a 72 inch cutting width. Have you ever used the Z850A? If so, please leave your thoughts on it below to give others an idea of what to expect.

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