Bad Boy 7200 AOSD


The Zero Bad Boy 7200 AOSD Giro Speech has the same engine as the Zero Bad Bad 6000 AOSD. However, the main difference between the 2 is that the 7200AOSD has a much larger cu t-cut platform that has a 7 2-inch cutting width. The 7 2-inch cutting platform of 7200AOSD has 3 blades inside. The platform is made of a steel of a quarter inch thickness that does not double or break easily. Each of the 3 blades has a 2 4-inch cutting width. They are 2. 5 inches wide and are made of 0. 25 inches of steel thickness. The platform can be lowered to 1. 5 inches above the ground and rises to 5 inches above the ground. It is floating, but uses a total of 6 caliber wheels to make sure the angle of the earth that is traveling over. The platform does not rise manually, but is made electronically.

The engine that activates the Bad Boy 7200 AOSD Platform platform, as already mentioned, produces 35 hp. This comes from 4 cylinders that give the engine a total displacement of 1. 6 liters. It is a cat engine that is refrigerated by a liquid cooling system. You can say that it is a commercial machine such as the cover is so large, but the fuel tank that can contain up to 68. 1 liters (18 gallons USA) that it should be another indicator that it is aboutA commercial machine.

As the 7200aosd is such a large machine, it is incredibly heavy, with a weight of 877. 7 pounds (1935 lbs). Its total length is 85 inches, while its maximum height is 52 inches (although its maximum height is obviously much higher when the folding Rops is in an upright position). The maximum speed of Bad Boy 7200 AOSD is very high, reaching up to 24. 1 km/h (15 mph) going forward.

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