Toro 520xi


The Toro 520xi riding mower uses a Kohler Command engine. This overhead valve engine uses an air cooling system. It uses a dry type air filter to prevent dust and other small particles from entering the combustion chamber when the engine is running. The 520XI’s engine produces 20 hp. This tractor is often used by gardening professionals thanks to its large 15. 1 liter (4 US gallon) fuel tank, which means it rarely needs to be refilled, even after many hours of operation.

In total there are 5 different cutting decks that are compatible with the Toro 520xi mower. The smallest has a cutting width of only 42 inches, while the largest has a cutting width of 60 inches. Obviously, larger mower decks are more likely to have difficulty cutting very long, wet grass compared to narrower ones. Without the bed attached, the overall width of the 520 XI is 40. 5 inches. Mower decks have a 2. 5-inch cutting range. Running as low as 1. 5 inches off the ground up to 4 inches off the ground.

The Toro 520xi is a fairly beefy tractor mower. All told, without a mower deck attached, it tips the scales at a whopping 459. 9kg (1014lbs). In addition to the mower deck, the 520 xi has a wide range of attachments. The most useful are the snowthrower and the dozer blade, both of which are attached to the front of the machine. You can also attach a sweeper, roller, tiller and loader, among others. There is another model in the 5xi series that is quite like this one. This is the Toro GT550, sometimes called the Toro 522xi.

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