Murray 33 Inch Dual Stage Snow Blower


The Murray 33 Inch Dual Stage Snow Blower is also known as the Murray 1695721 Snow Blower, but for this review we will refer to it as the Murray 33 Inch Snow Blower. This snow blower is much larger than its smaller relatives, the Murray 21-inch Single Stage Snow Blower and the Murray 27-inch Dual Stage Snow Blower. As a result, the only time you’ll see this machine being used by people is if they have a very large driveway or live in areas that receive large amounts of snow during the winter months. Otherwise, it is mostly to be found being used by commercial snow removal contractors and businesses.

The Murray 33-inch dual stage snowthrower is powered by a Briggs and Stratton 4-stroke, 0. 34-liter engine. This engine is fueled by gasoline from a fuel tank that can hold up to 2. 7 liters (or. 71 US gallons) of gas. This engine is usually started by simply plugging it into the mains and pushing the 120 volt electric start button. But if you’re not near an outlet when you want to start it, you can use the recoil starting system.

While the clearance width of this dual stage Murray snow blower is obviously 33 inches, it has an intake height of 0. 53m (21 inches). However, the maximum snow depth it can handle can be increased by adding snow drift blades to the side of the steel casing. The Murray 33″ snowthrower incorporates hand warmers on its handlebars to keep the operator’s hands warm in cases where the machine is used for extended periods. There is a halogen headlight that comes standard with this machine so you can operate it at night if needed. The total weight of this Murray 33″ snow blower is 180 kg (397 lbs).

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