John Deere 522E Snowblower


The John Deere 522E 22-Inch Snow Thrower is the smallest single-stage snow thrower available from JD. This snow blower is powered by a 4-stroke Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine that gives the JD 522E 5. 25 foot-pounds of gross torque of power, which tackles driveways and parking lots with small to medium heights of very heavy snow. easy. However anything over about 20 inches is going to give the John Deere 522E snow blower problem and you may require a more powerful model.

Fortunately the 522E comes with a push button start so you’ll never find yourself fumbling with a pull cord in cold weather. Everything about this snow blower is designed to be compact, the handlebar is foldable so you can quickly get the blower stowed away.

The machine’s deflector is manually operated and can be rotated up to 190 degrees. The 522E does not come with inflatable rubber tires as standard, but instead has 7″ polyurethane plastic wheels. If you are not happy with the size of this snow thrower, you may want to look at a larger model, such as the John Deere 726Eor the John Deere 827E.

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