Snapper M924E Snow Blower


Snapper M924E snow blower is a small double stage snow blower. It is larger than a snapper snow blower SS521E, but much smaller than a snopper sno w-snow blower L1226E or even a snopper snow blower XL1738E. As is a 2-stage launch, it uses both a sweep and a driver to get rid of snow. The auger is made of fold steel and has a diameter of 0. 3 m (12 inches). Once the auger breaks the snow, he directs it towards the impeller. The driver consists of 3 blades and is made of steel. In this way, the snow is faster and expected at high speed towards the duct, which moves it away from the cleaning zone.

The duct is made of steel and turns manually to 190 degrees so that the operator always has a work angle. In the upper part of the duct is a deflector that gives greater precision as to where the snow expelled from the snow blower is sent. This is especially useful if you are working in narrow areas and do not want to be sending the snow in a house or in an area that has just been clean.

The machine weighs 79. 8 kg and comes with a halogen lighthouse that allows it to use it even in the dark. The free width of this machine is 0. 61 m (24 inches), while it has an admission height of 0. 5 m (19. 75 inches). The transmission of friction discs used by the M924E provides 6 speeds when moving forward and 2 when backing down. Use Arctic Tract wheels that have a width of 0. 13 m (5 inches) to provide a really good grip and traction in slippery conditions. Click here to buy the Snapper M924E quotes.

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