Massey Ferguson 2723H


The Massey Ferguson 2723H Speaker for garden tractor is a mediu m-sized model available in MF. It has a 27 hp engine and a 5 0-inch cutting width. If this machine is not large and powerful enough for you, you may be more interested in Massey Ferguson 2927LC or Massey Ferguson 2825H. If what you need is something with less power and a minor cutting width, then it is expected that Massey Ferguson 2620h adapts to your needs. As indicated above, the MF2723H comes with a gasoline engine that produces 27 hp. This engine is Briggs and Stratton’s avan t-garde model. This 2-cylinder model has valves in the head and is launched with the help of a 1 2-volt battery. The engine feeds on a fuel tank with capacity for 15. 1 liters.

The Massey Ferguson 2723H is very easy to use and control. The main reason is that it is not necessary to change the march. Thanks to using a K-66 hydrostatic transmission, it is totally automatic. To accelerate, all you have to do is step more strongly the accelerator. The MF 2723 H is also ideal for delicate Céspedes that you do not want to destroy. This is because it incorporates a differential blockade, which means that during closed turns there will not be an additional skating of the interior wheels, which so often destroys the fragile gardens.

The Massey Ferguson 2723H is built on a 10wd caliber steel chassis 10. Its front tires are of good quality. Its front tires are a little smaller than the rear (which support most of the weight and drive the machine forward), measure 16 × 6. 5-8 (16 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches of width, 8 inchesof tire diameter) while the rear wheels measure 23 × 10. 5-12 (23 inches in diameter, 10. 5 inches of width, 12 inches of tire diameter). There is also a variant of the MF2723H that comes with assisted direction.

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