John Deere GX85


The John Deere GX85 lawnmower is not a particularly popular machine. Unlike virtually all John Deere mowers, the JD GX85 has its engine located at the rear of the machine. One of the reasons for this is the simple fact that the motor is not that big and therefore does not take up much space. It is a 13hp petrol engine which is used to both drive the wheels and turn the blades on the mower deck. The engine was designed and built by Briggs and Stratton. This mower is perfect for people who have medium to large size gardens (0. 5 – 2 acres) who don’t want the hassle of a walk behind the machine.

Although the John Deere GX85 has a rear-mounted engine, this does not prevent it from working with certain accessories. You can use an optional 7-bushel 2-bag bagger to collect all the grass clippings. There is also a forward thatcher set that you can attach. As with many JD mowers, the JD GX85 can take on weight plates at the front to help keep it balanced when you have a bagger or other implement strapped to the rear.

If you are not going to use the bagger, you can shred the grass clippings. This will help return nutrients to the soil as the grass clippings rot and break down. If you’re not a fan of the John Deere GX85, but want a John Deere mower with a rear-mounted engine, then you should check out the John Deere SX85. It is a model very similar to the JD GX85. The main thing to remember is that John Deere no longer produces this model, so if you’re buying a used one, be sure to inspect it fully before committing to the purchase.

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