Poulan Pro PB23H48YT


The Poulan Pro PB23H48yt garden cutter tractor is a fairly large and powerful machine of the Poulan team. Use a Briggs and Stratton Ink engine that provides the 23 hp cutting from a total motor size of 0. 724 liters. The 2-cylinder engine is air refrigerated and starts with a 1 2-volt battery that provides 16 cold starting amps. The air inlet into the engine is filtered through a paper air filter that eliminates dust and other smaller particles, preventing them from obstructing the engine. The 23h 48yT Pro PB engine uses a fully pressurized lubrication system to avoid excessive wear of mobile parts.

The fuel tank, located at the back of the Poulan Pro PB23H48YT can contain a maximum of 11. 4 liters (3 US gallons). The engine activates the wheels of the Poulan 48 ″ Garden Specked by transferring the power through a TUFF Torq K46 hydrostatic transmission. This transmission gives the short of unlimited speeds going forward and also reverse, making it an automatic with a maximum speed of 8. 4 km/h going forward and 4. 7 km/h when it goes back.

The Poulan Pro PB23H48YT cutter tractor has a 4 8-inch cutting width. The total width of the cutter of the cortesped is really greater than this due to the plastic fin on the side that prevent the ruin from flying everywhere. The platform itself is made of stamped steel and can be placed at 6 different cutting heights ranging from a decrease of 1. 5 inches above the ground to a high of 4 inches above the ground. All the elevation and descent of the platform is carried out by means of a lever mounted on the fender and assisted by spring. The cu t-up platform has 3 high performance blades. On the edge of the cutting platform there are 4 anti-chart wheels to avoid cutting the grass and leave ugly scars. Other Poulan models that may be interested are the Poulan Pro Pb22H46YT and Poulan Pro PB26H54yt tractors. Click here to buy the Poulan Pro PB23H 48yt.

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