John Deere Model H


The John Deere H was designed and manufactured for small and medium farmers. His production lasted from 1939 to long after World War II, in 1947. As almost all the popular models of John Deere of the time, there were quite a few variations of the H JD model. There is the John Deere Hn model, which is a tricycle design. The John Deere HWH model is very similar to the normal H, but has a no n-fixed front axle that is adjustable. The John Deere HNH is also a tricycle design, except that it also had an adjustable front axle.

Some more than 60, 000 JD Model H were built (that includes the 4 models) each of which used the same John deere motor of Queroseno. It was a 2-cylinder and 1. 6-liter engine that needed 20. 8 liters of refrigerant. It produced only 14 hp that were transferred to its 4 × 2wd chassis. The interesting engine size and the fact that it feeds with kerosene, cheaper than gasoline or diesel, clearly demonstrates that this John Deere was mainly destined for small farmers.

It measures 2. 82 m (111 inches) long and has a width of 2 m (79 inches). It is interesting to observe that the John Deere H actually weighed 1376 kg (3035 lbs), which seems a lot if you take into account that the shortstors that JD produces today are much lighter but have much more powerful engines. However, 14 hp seemed quite reasonable for a small tractor at that time. Today John Deere’s model is a collector’s piece among John Deere fans. They can be seen regularly in exhibitions and fairs.

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